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Kabbalistic Cross

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Preparatory magical practices includes the performance of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Consisting of three main parts.

  1. Kabbalistic Cross most basic and fundamental ritual used to draw down the spirit from above into the mind and body of the Kabbalist. Practice used to center oneself and balance ones will to a higher purpose. Used on its on as a brief prayer or more commonly as component of larger rituals .

  2. Formation of the Pentagram a banishing earth pentagram or evoking pentagram is drawn in the air at cardinal points and associated name of god is vibrated YHVH east, ABNI south, AHIH west and AGLA north.

  3. Invocation of the Archangels declare the archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Micheal, and Uriel to be present while visualizing them at the four cardinal points.

Kabbalistic Cross Ritual

Facing east with arms relaxed by side imagine that the sky above you is filled with incandesent white light. This is the Ain Soph Aur it reaches to the horizons and beyond although it is impossible for the human mind to imagine the infinite the exercise demands you attempt as the attempting of this is a beneficial exercise.

Breath in and raise your right hand above your head palm toward you and fingers pointing up in the air say these words. In Thy hands o ineffable one,

Imagine the infinite light contracting to form a sphere directly above head and drawing the hand downwards while you exhale imagine the light desending upon you as you touch your forehead ,the stream of light is resting above it having penatrated the crown, say Is

Imagine the beam a light traveling down through the spear becoming a coluam through your body, your right hand follow downward motion until fingers are pointing between feet, the light pools creating a second sphere encompassing feet and ankles and the ground below you. and say The Kingdom

Move right hand up to point at right shoulder as a third sphere of light appears as you say The Power

You move your right hand to motion to your left shoulder to form a fourth sphere you say and the glory

Both hand in front of your chest and postion of heart say for ever and ever

focus attention on first sphere over head and say amen

The kabbalistic Cross can be used on its own as a brief prayer or for meditation, more commonly it is used as a component in larger rituals. The Kabbalistic Cross is made on the body as a expression of the symbols the vertical component is the devine reality the horizontial material or manifested exsistence Once you have gained proficiency with the visualisation practices you may move on to the Middle Pillar exercise.

Formation of the Pentagram : By working with the pentagram you are training yourself to relate and master the five elements, we experience difficulties in our life when the elements are out of balance. The elements correspond to different areas of our lives finance relationship health communication, By looking at what is not working in our lives we know what element to work with to evoke change.

The Lesser Ritual is used to attune you to a general sense of energy,Greater attunes you more specifically, Lesser rituals work on you internally your psyche and the greater on the outside world or practical magick. Most rituals will have a banishing which clears away and evoking that brings in. To banish earth you begin to draw the pentagram at the lower left drawing away from the element earth it is not a usual practice to banish another element besides earth. When you practice daily you will strengthen your aura and gain awareness of magical energies around you.

The five points of the star represent the five elements of spirit,fire,water,air and earth, By knowing the five elements you have the power of change and creation in your hands. It represents the Microcosm or small world, or personal sphere.

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