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Tarot Spell "What is a Spell"

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

What is a Spell

A spell is a simple act that combines magical power with a focused mind. this causes a change in the astral plane, which results in changes on the physical plane. The famous all-purpose magical word Abracadabra comes from two Aramaic words that literally mean "I create as I speak." The relationship between magic and words is demonstrated by the words grimoire and grammar and spelling of words and magical spell

There are four basic elements used in casting spells candles, oils, incense, and flames which represent earth, water ,air and fire. Each represents relative amounts of temperature and moisture Fire is Hot and Dry, Water is Cold and Moist, Air is Hot and Moist, Earth is Cold and Dry. The elements are archetypes Nothing not even the Sun is pure elemental fire. Every physical thing is composed of a combination of these elements. That is why they are used in magical rituals including spells. In order to do a tarot spell we add a card as a basis for symbolism, concentration and visualization.

Many people like to use poems in their spells what you say doesn't have to rhyme although it can if you want it too. It should be meaningful to you, highly emotional, and from the heart. by using of combination of setting the mood with candles incense and crystals, we concentrate on the card, chanting the spell, and then sending the energy out with breathwork.

"I can succeed at anything I put my mind to." this is what the Queen of Disc is saying as she looks over the Oasis of her realm. A earth card and corresponding to Capricorn the energy of this card can help us succeed in business because of their ambition and tenacity. My Goal is to generate a income using the energy of the Queen of Disc .

The ritual would be performed on Saturday, I could light a black candle anointed with a earthy fragrance like patchouli or tea tree oil. This will represent Capricorn and Saturn who is its ruler giving the spell a productive element Capricorn is found in the 10th house which rules public status and career. It is a Cardinal sign which is the seed of the earth element.

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