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Practicing Magick Using Tarot

Magick is the ability to make desired changes in your life by using your will. It is the intention set fourth by the practitioner that makes it work. If you are reading a book on magick and do not believe that it works, then it will not . The words and rituals will not invoke the intentions of the magician without the will that comes from true belief. How do we utilize the Tarot in this practice? In what way can the cards help us focus our will and manifest our desires in our everyday life?

The symbolism has an effect on us, it can open our intuition and develop our inner being because every image or character movement has a symbolic meaning, it can be an important tool to guide us on our spiritual path. Find a deck that you like to use, look at the symbolism of those cards, and determine what they mean to you rather than what you may read, and you will find that it can improve your life. A few things to remember when your practicing magick.

  1. Every action has a magical reaction. If we perform a ritual because we want to manifest money and then spend the rest of the day complaining about our lack of money we will negate the ritual because of the counter magic of negativity. Perform the magick and believe the money is on its way.

  2. Magick requires the creation, manipulation, and direction of magical energy.

  3. Creation on the spiritual plane leads to creation on the physical plane. The astral plane is the plane of formation It is on this plane that anything you desire must be created.

  4. Find the source If you need $5000 dollars to purchase a car and perform a ritual for the money you may be blocking other sources for your car, because you are telling the magical energy you will only except a car if you can pay for it. Why cant someone gift you the car or perhaps a permanent loan of a car find the source be specific about what you really want not something in between.

  5. Magic is magic you may hear people speak about white and black magic, magic is neutral you will use the same techniques but with different focus.

  6. Look for the Third option you have a co-worker who is always leaving extra work for you, you think wouldn't it be great to stop them, instead of performing something negative do something positive like them leaving for a better job.

  7. Magic is a science and art

Magick is a skill that anyone can perform to improve their lives it is a great way to achieve physical and spiritual growth. Everything you do has an effect on your body even magick, people will ask if you lost weight, or got an new hair cut, they may not know why you are different only that you are and it is positive.

The Thoth Magus

The Magus is a glyph of the harnessed and directed will, he is naked to show he is androgynous, and he is linked to the Hebrew letter Beth meaning house "Creation is the house of God" it is the first letter of Beresheit which means in the beginning the idea that god created the world with words is the foundation of western magical tradition. The 12th path on the tree of Life which connects Kether to Binah representing the Wisdom, Will, Word and the Logos by whom the worlds were created. The Magnus represents Gods creation of the Universe and our creation of our own lives.

His skin is yellow gray Mercury in Atziluth and Yetzirah. The Magus juggles eight tools that he uses to accomplish his will, the disc, the censer, the wand of Double Power, the pen, the scroll ,the winged egg, the cup and the dagger.

The disc, dagger, cup and censer represent the elemental correspondences of the tetragrammaton "censer replaces traditional wand because it is used along with the cup in the Neophyte Ceremony of the Golden Dawn." The winged egg represents the fifth element of spirit.

The wand of Double Power is a symbol of energy and power , the harmonizing energy of the Sun and Tiphareth and its function to unite opposites under one will. The pen and Scroll are the implements of Thoth the Egyptian God of Writing, Wisdom, and magick. Writing preserves memories and knowledge it is a tool for education and communication and an expression of intellect and will.

Behind him is the caduceus the wand of Mercury a symbol of the creative force and energy. The serpents represent the positive and negative currents of energy harnessed for the purpose of creation they coil around the shaft of the caduceus forming a vertical Lemniscate. He wears the winged sandals of Hermes the Greek messenger of the gods . Below him is the Cynocephalus Ape which is associated with Thoth whom Crowley states is antagonistic claiming he is there to distort the word of Thoth.


This is a Meditation from the book Tarot of Awakening: Initiation into the Kabbalistic Tarot

Magical Creation Meditation: Withdraw from your personal concerns and sit quietly. Take a deep slow breath and discover that you have become the Magnus, You are standing erect, right hand raised to Kether, left pointed to Malkuth. You have the opportunity to create your world anew. Picture your desired life in as much detail as possible. When you are ready, feel a lighting bolt enter your right hand from above, pass through your body, and streak out through your left hand. Your new world has just been created. What does it look like? What do you see? Is it what you wanted: Do not pass judgement on yourself -simply observe this new world. When you are ready return to consciousness.

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