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Tarot Connecting with Your Inner Voice

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Tarot Connecting with your Inner Voice.

I bought my first Tarot Deck in 2007 it was bought on a whim as I had gotten one of those autogenerated tarot readings that came in my e-mail. Going through one of life’s difficult experiences I had a reading, which I felt helped me and my situation. They offered a monthly package to have more readings whenever I wanted “I was tempted” Luckily for me they also sold Tarot Cards, so instead of buying readings I bought the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchetti and Josephine Ellershaw Easy Tarot Handbook this Kit/ Book is written especially for beginners and I loved it. The first exercise I did for myself was to pull one card out of the Major Arcana to represent what lesson the Tarot will bring. I drew IX the Hermit; careful thought and contemplation the hermit speaks of inner wisdom and the answers I need are within myself. By looking into the deeper messages the universe has for me I will grow spiritually, it spoke to me about connecting to God and reaching atonement. I began to study the cards and their meanings on a more personal level and forgot about the fortune telling aspect that most people think of when they think of Tarot.

The hermit corresponds to Virgo an earth Sign steady, dependable, and predictable people whose primary karmic lesson involves being of service to others, it must be a selfless service awareness cannot be achieved when undue emphasis is directed to the physical body or lusting for sensational involvements A karmic lesson by which means they elevate own consciousness beyond physical to spiritual rarely achieved before the latter half of years. Virgo stands for purity of spirit. In ancient times Virgo was the sign of the harvest the symbolic meaning of the virgin holding the Sheaf of wheat is that Virgo people take that which has been sown (knowledge, information, skills) and harvest this energy to do something practical.

The hermit is an astrologer and watcher of clockworks of the cosmos the six-pointed star, symbolic of the union of heaven and earth “as above so below”, desire to bring inner wisdom and experience into outer reality and shine one’s light for all to see. Virgo is ruled by mercury the planet of thought and mental perceptions. It is associated with speed and agility In ancient Greek mythology he was young beautiful and swift as the wind because his feet had wings. His province was communication, commerce and everything requiring skill and dexterity, he invented music, mathematics, and astronomy. It reflects the way you see hear and assimilate information. Mercury is the planet of the mind which can reflect the way you comprehend and practice what you have learned.

In Alchemy the sign of mercury is the cosmic womb being incubated by the cross which represent the four elements of the creation Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Mercury is feminine and intimately tied to Sulfur the masculine. Sulfur and Mercury consciousness and mind give birth to the third salt. These are the principles they use for The Great Work turning lead the ego into gold philosophers stone.

The Hermit is numbered Nine, nines are humanitarians it is a powerful number symbolizing mental activity of the spiritual mind. It is a three fold number at the end of the mind plane. The mind in action it represents ambition .responsibility and Idealism. Nines like Virgo wish to serve human kind by analyzing and assessing the needs of others..

This one card reading shows how much different information can be pulled from the cards if you understand their correspondences Astrology, Kabbalah, Numerology, Colors "didn't mention Yellow Staff or Grey Robes" and Alchemy all blended together to speak to those willing to listen to the messages the bring.

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